I have lines on my copies, is there anything I can do before I place a service call?

Lines can mean a multitude of things, but the most common reason for lines is from a buildup of pen ink, dust, or white-out on the “slit glass.” The slit glass is the skinny glass, usually on the left side of the machine, beside the regular platen glass you use to make copies. The way to tell if this is the problem is to make a copy by putting your original on the glass and close the lid. If you do not have lines that way but do have lines when you use the document feeder, then there is most likely some buildup on the slit glass. An alcohol pad is usually the best cleaner, as it cuts through ink better than Windex.
What causes crooked copies?

90% of the time crooked or skewed copies are a result of a mis-loaded paper tray. When loading paper it is easy to have a portion of the paper slip out of the stack and fold or obstruct the exit of the paper. Just a few sheets out of the stack can cause these skewed copies. Unload the paper from the drawer and confirm that it is neatly stacked. When you load the paper be sure that the paper guides are snug on the stack.

Another cause for this could be that the right side door is not completely latched. Open and close the door and verify that it is flush with the machine.
Why does my copier jam every single copy after it was working perfect?

Sometimes this is as easy as paper tray settings. On all models there is either a paper select wheel or common setting that tells the copier what size paper is in the drawer. If they do not match the result would be constant jamming. Just check to verify that the copier is showing the correct size paper that is in the relative paper tray.
Why can’t I print? I was able to print yesterday, and now I cannot send a print job.

On most Canon models there is a “Scan” tab at the top of the touch-screen. Select this tab and verify that it is “Offline.” When the twain scan function is “Online,” the communications for printing will be affected.
Networking Support
What is the difference between “Twain Scan” and “Network Scan”?

Twain Scan, also know as “Pull Scan,” pulls the scan to your PC using software to retrieve and display your scanned image. It is a four part process of starting the software, loading the images that need to be scanned, executing the software to pull the image to the PC, then saving the image.

Network Scan, also known as “Push Scan,” pushes the scan from the Copier/Scanner to your PC. This is a one step process, at the Copier/Scanner, of loading your documents, selecting a preset destination, and sending it over. This automatically saves the document to the specified folder on the PC.